Not so long ago I came across with old fashioned analog Agfa Billy-Clack that was manufactured back in 1937. It is the later, 74. model. It has three apertures values f/11, f/16 and f/22 and two exposition time options – a dot and a dash, where the dot is around 1/30 or 1/40 s and the dash as much as you hold it. The camera uses 120 mm film, which is one of the rare survivals and still in production – as a black and white. And, you have to be careful, how are you going to use those 8 shots available in the film.

So, here are some street photography shots taken in spring 2013 in Ljubljana, through the camera from 1937. I definitely know, what parallax means now :)

Black and White Street Photography Series

Camera: Agfa Billy Clack, No. 74, film: Kodak 100TMX, Ljubljana, spring 2013


Franciscan Church, Ljubljana


Block in the once to be mine neighbourhood


Tivoli Park


Tivoli Park


Tromostovje, Triple bridge

Ljubljana in colors

Camera: Agfa Billy Clack, No. 74, Film: Kodak Portra 160, Ljubljana, spring 2013


Shoes in Trubarjeva street


Šubičev Nebotičnik, The skyscraper, 1931-33


Zadružna gospodarska banka, The People’s Loan Bank, 1921


Prešernov trg in Hauptmannova hiša, Prešeren square and Hauptmann house


Frančiškanska cerkev, Franciscan church


View from the market on the other side of the river