UI · UX · Web · Mobile

I enjoy to create – especially for web and solving UX/UI issues; designing interfaces and applications, drawing in my sketchbook, and waiting for the correct moment to press the button on my camera.

Working independently on mostly UX/UI design-related things for clients all around the globe. It’s always difficult to say no to an interesting project! I’ve been working on projects from various industries, from extremely technical to non-geeky – (geo)engineering, travel, fitness & health, editorial, gaming.

Sketchbook & pencil, Sketch, Invision, Photoshop and Illustrator is something I see every day on my desk(top). I also speak fluent HTML and CSS (preferably .scss), know basic of jQuery and master Bootstrap for front-end stuff. Designers can code?

Apart from geeky & design stuff you can find me exploring our amazing world, (trail) running, cycling, chasing the wind to kitesurf and taking photos. I have a special thing about patterns :) Watch out, I might be in a place near you.

UI* – user interface aka visual
UX* – user experience aka invisible :)