Scan Magazine family, editorial online magazine

A redesign of an online editorial magazine family.

Scan Magazine is a unique showcase magazine focusing on various regions – Scandinavia, Southern Europe, Benelux, Germany. It appeals to all those who have a relationship with or a connection to these countries – be it through family, business, tourism, migration or investment.

While the web presence was initially made more like a “directory”, with the redesign of the online magazine, we wanted to showcase the content with an editorial feel, similar to the print version of the magazine.

Role: UI/UX

Year: 2019/20

Web: ScanMagazine, Germany, Switzerland & Austria, Benelux, France & Spain

Scan Magazine Family Editorial Design


Wireframes sample

Wireframes layout

Finished, desktop & mobile

Home page scan magazine editorial design

Category layout

Article page, scan magazine ediorial

<Mobile view, category page

Magazine page, mobile