Distribute your photos easily – dropstock.io

Uploading bunch of photos to 10+ stock photo agencies? Well, even with fast internet connection this can take a bit – 100 pictures, ~20 MB/photo = 2 GB, at least ×10 destinations => 20 GB. Even with very decent internet connection this will take two or something hours and can take few days with slow speed. Not to mention that sometimes FTP (yes, FTP) server on other side is down, full or whatever reason it has to not work.

Instead of waiting and checking if the uploads went through, you can sync the files with Dropbox and distribute them from there.

Dropstock was born after similar (but very, buggy) service has closed. We went step further and automated pretty much everything – the only thing you need to do is to drop the files in correct Dropbox folder. It also support video files up to 4GB.

As I’m also keen on SVG and like to open them in text editor, I played a bit with the logo animation.

Special thanks for back-end stuff goes to Robert.

Year: 2016

Role: UI, UX, front-end

Year: 2016