UI · UX · Web

I enjoy to create – especially for web and solving ux/ui issues; designing interfaces and applications, drawing in my sketchbook and waiting for the correct moment to press the button on my camera.

Working independently on mostly UX/UI design related things for clients all around the globe. It’s always difficult to say no to an interesting project! Once (time ago) intern at Smashing Magazine.

Sketchbook & pencil, Sketch, Invision, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign is something I see every day on my desk(top). I also speak fluent HTML and CSS (.less & .scss), know basic of jQuery and master Bootstrap for front-end stuff. Designers can code?

Apart from geeky & design stuff you can find me exploring our amazing world, running, playing beach volley, chasing wind to kitesurf, hunting for WiFi and taking photos. I have a special thing about patterns :) Watch out, I might be in a place near you.

UI* – user interface aka visual
UX* – user experience aka invisible :)