Habitual Wellbeing – Build Your Habit

Habitual Wellbeing it’s a tool that helps you build a habit by completing the daily lesson. It focuses on psychology and the general wellbeing of a person.

User rates their wellbeing prior to completing the lesson. If the wellbeing is rated very high, the user is offered an option to leave a note for himself for “darker” days. On darker days, the user is given an option to open a jar with notes or contact their mentor. The lessons focus on building habits and completing a short exercise every day.

This is the initial version launched as MVP – student part as a responsive web application and admin dashboard (to create lessons and view some statistics). As for UI, we decided to go with something more mind-related and use watercolor illustrations (yes, those are from stock)

Role: UX, UI

Year: 2018

habitual wellbeing web app

creating a habit app

lessons view

courses progress

pick thing to do

admin view to track progress

mobile version

mobile version preview